Upset Prevention Recovery Training (UPRT) - Aeroplane

Citarbia, T67 Firefly and Robin 2160 aerobatic aeroplanes are ideal
for the course

Training is conducted by instructors with UPRT experience
UPRT shall form part of a pilot's flight training course


UPRT shall become part of a pilot's flight training either for licence issue or for their first type rating. This requirement shall come into force in April 2018. Prior to this date transitional provisions shall apply.

The following training programme is a generic aeroplane course which meets the regulatory requirements for UPRT. Pilot's under going licence/type rating training shall complete UPRT as part of their course of training

Transitional Provisions

In respect of issuing EASA licences in accordance with Annex I to Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011, aeroplane upset prevention and recovery training commenced prior to April 2018 under the regulatory oversight of a Member State (e.g. UK CAA) may be given credit until 8 April 2019

The credit given shall be determined by the Member State (e.g. UK CAA) to which the pilot applies for the issue of a licence, rating or certificate on the basis of a recommendation from an approved training organisation that provides the course

Pre-Course Entry Requirements

There are no pre-course entry requirements

Ground Training

5 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction in accordance with AMC1 FCL.745.A. The subjects are given below:

* TEM and CRM   
* Human Factors - Managing Consequential Psychological and Physiological Effects of Developed Upsets 
* Application of Recovery Templates         
* Application of the OEM Stall Recovery Procedure or Stall Recovery Template        
* Application of Spin Recovery Technique               

The training shall be integrated with the flight training so that the maximum benefit is gained from time spent in the air

Note: Pilot's under going training for licence issue or first type rating issue shall complete UPRT in accordance with the ATO approved training syllabus

Flight Training

3 hours of dual flight instruction covering the upset recovery course exercises detailed in AMC1 FCL.745.A. The exercises are given below:

* Application of OEM Recommendations 
* Application of Stall Recovery Procedure               
* Recovery from the Incipient Spin

Note: Pilot's under going training for licence issue or first type rating issue shall complete UPRT in accordance with the ATO approved training syllabus

Course Completion Certificate

On successful completion of the ground and flight training the pilot shall be issued with a course completion certificate


ICAO Doc 10011 Manual on Aeroplane Upset Prevention and Recovery Training First Edition 2014
FAA AC 120-111 Upset Prevention and Recovery Training
Aircraft Upset Recovery Training Aid (AURTA) Revision 2
AP3456 Royal Air Force Manual Flying (volume 1 only - Principles of Flight)
CAP 804
Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011, AMC and GM


There is no validity period for UPRT

Revalidation / Renewal

During a type/class rating proficiency check the pilot shall be required to demonstrate proficiency at upset recovery techniques


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