Flight Instructor (FI) Night
Your night instructor training can be completed during your FI course

Instructing at night can be a very rewarding experience and of course many of the day time issues are not present to distract your student


An FI who wishes to give instruction at night must hold a night rating and have demonstrated the ability to teach for the night rating to an FIC instructor

Pre-Assessment Requirements

Before carrying out the night instructional assessment the applicant shall:

(a) hold at least the licence and the rating for which flight instruction is to be given

(b) be entitled to act as PIC on the aircraft during flight instruction

(b) hold a night rating

(e) hold an FI certificate

(f) Complies with the night experience requirement of Part FCL060(b)(2)

Part FCL.060(b)(2) States that a pilot shall not operate an aircraft in commercial air transport or carrying passengers as PIC at night unless he/she:

(a) has carried out in the preceding 90 days at least 1 take-off, approach and landing at night as a pilot flying in an aircraft of the same type or class or an FFS representing that type or class


(b) holds an IR


There are no formal ground or flight training requirements prior to taking the night instructional assessment

However, On-Track Aviation would recommend that the FI completes a short course of tuition (2 hours of ground tuition) covering the elements of the night rating

Night Instructional Assessment

The applicant will be required to conduct a pre-flight briefing and airborne lesson chosen from the syllabus of the night rating. The applicant will be assessed by an FIC instructor qualified to teach for the night rating. The flight should last approximately 1 hour


The Air Pilot's Manual by Trevor Thom (Volume 5 only)
Night Flying Manual and Syllabus by R D Campbell
CAP 804
Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/201
Part FCL, AMC and GM

Permits the holder of an FI certificate to give instruction at night including for the issue of the night rating


Remains valid as long as the FI certificate remains valid

Revalidation / Renewal

There are no renewal / revalidation requirements


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