Instructor Manual (EASA Edition)
Our new Instructor Manual covering the EASA Part FCL exercises and the Teaching and Learning course is now available


With the arrival of EASA many aspects of flying training have been changed and new courses introduced such as the LAPL and the Aerobatic Rating. On-Track Aviation, as the leaders in the field of instructor training, have published a new Instructor Manual which covers all the new courses and includes Threat Error Management (TEM) which replaces Airmanship. The book is published in loose leaf format allowing for easy amendment and the ability to purchase individual sections.

The layout of the Instructor Manual mirrors the previous one with clear colourful briefings and easy to follow development notes which follow logical teaching steps allowing the instructor to teach the exercises in simple blocks working from the known to the unknown. There are useful sections covering naviagtion techniques, example PPL / LAPL syllabi and advice to instructors about common student errors.

The teaching techniques are derived from many years of instruction both in the military and civilian flying schools. Taking the best practices from them and putting them all together in one easy to use book.

About the Author

Alan Newton was born in Cheshire and after leaving College joined the Royal Air Force in 1979. During his 17 years in the service Alan saw operational tours on the Victor during the Falklands Conflict and the VC10 during the Gulf War. He also spent many years as a flying instructor on the Tucano and Jet Provost teaching both ab-initio and qualified pilots gaining an A2 Instructor Category. After leaving the Royal Air Force in 1996 Alan joined Cathay Pacific Airways. He has flown the Boeing 747 classic, 747-400 and 747-8 and was a Training First Officer on the 747-400 before taking up his command. Alan is currently a Senior Captain on the Boeing 747-400 and 747-8.

Alan has taught at a number of flying schools on a variety of aircraft types and has accumulated many thousands of hours of instructing. He is an RTF Examiner, Flight Examiner, GR Examiner, Senior Examiner, Class Rating Examiner and Flight Instructor Examiner on both land and seaplanes and is a part time contributor to Flight Training News. Alan is the Director of On-Track Aviation Limited and the Head of Training.

About the Instructor Manual

During his early years of FIC teaching he realised there was a need for an up to date Instructor Manual with clear briefings and simple guidance notes for instructor course students to follow. ‘Instructional Techniques for the FI’ was the result. The book was adopted by many flying schools and proved popular amongst student instructors. With the arrival of EASA and the introduction of new licences and ratings it was time to update ‘Instructional Techniques for the FI’. The new book ‘Instructor Manual (EASA Edition)’ was published in 2013 by On-Track Aviation Limited and has taken the instructing world by storm.

The book has 9 parts and the titles are:

1. Teaching and Learning
2. PPL (A) / LAPL (A)
3. IMC / IR (Restricted) / IR
4. Night Rating
5. Aerobatic Rating
6. MEP Land Class Rating
7. Formation
8. Tailwheel Differences Training
9. SEP Sea Class Rating

The Teaching and Learning part follows the EASA Part FCL AMC and GM Teaching and Learning syllabus. It clearly explains the concepts and techniques with simple illustrations and examples for the instructor to follow. It is the first, and as far as we know, the only book to provide guidance on the EASA Teaching and Learning syllabus.

Part 2 offers guidance for instructors who wish to teach the LAPL(A) a completely new licence under EASA. Once again we believe it is the only instructor training manual to do this right now.

The Aerobatic Rating is new under EASA and this part gives guidance to instructors on how to teach this new rating. The EASA Aerobatic Rating differs considerably from the AOPA syllabus both in training hours and content.

SEP Sea Class Rating has been completely revised to incorporate the EASA syllabus: Another first for the ‘Instructor Manual (EASA Edition)’.

One of the major changes permeating through the world of instructing is Threat Error Management (TEM) which is replacing Airmanship. The author has incorporated TEM as part of the briefings in all of the parts of the ‘Instructor Manual (EASA Edition)’.

To Purchase a Copy

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